Numeracy research

The improvement of the quality and quantity of adult numeracy teaching and learning is a key area of interest for NALA. We feel that it is important that there is a sufficient quality supply of numeracy tuition for adult learners. In order to achieve this there needs to be adequate professional development opportunities that meet the needs of those teaching adult numeracy in the Further Education and Training (FET) sector.

In 2015 NALA published a Framework for the meeting the professional development needs of tutors of adult numeracy in the FET sector. The Framework is clear in its intention to improve the teaching and learning of numeracy in Ireland. It sets out ten components it considers vital for ensuring that professional development shapes tutors, who are not only competent and confident, but who are able to give adult learners the support they deserve.

View or download a copy of the Framework here.

We have published a series of case study reports that describe and document practice in adult numeracy. The focus of the research was to examine the numeracy strategies used by tutors when working with adults engaged in numeracy learning.