Literacy services in Ireland

All over Ireland, lots of people are returning to learning and improving their reading, writing and maths. They are people who want to catch up on what they missed at school, parents who want to help children with their homework and those who would simply like to write a letter home. Whatever the reason for going back to learning, the benefits are always the same. Not only do people improve their old skills, but they also gain the confidence to learn new ones.

Currently in Ireland there are over 50,000 adults attending literacy courses nationwide. This service is mainly provided by the ETB Adult Literacy Service. The adult literacy service is staffed by both paid and volunteer tutors. There are about 2,500 volunteer tutors and 1,200 paid tutors. The National Adult Literacy Agency also offers a distance education service where adults can learn with a tutor over the phone or internet in the comfort of their own home.

Adult learning is a very different experience to school. Adult learning is all about addressing the needs of the learner, working at a pace that suits them and mapping out a learning path that fits in with their life and interests. The important thing to remember is that it is never too late to return to learning and the benefits are well worth it.