NALA Plain English Editor Training 2012

1 Mar 2012

NALA is the national leader in plain English editing and training. To meet demand, weare looking for a small number of suitably qualified applicants to participatein our NALA Plain English Editor training programme. The training will be over three days and will require 60 hours out of course assignments.

NALAinvites applications for suitably qualified and or experienced people who would like to be NALA Plain English Editors.  

Ideal candidates are those who have:

·a qualification in English such as journalism, editingorEnglish language,

·experience of writing a wide range of documents and leaflets for different audiences and purposes,

·strong organisational and time management skills, and

·an understanding of plain English.

All selected trainees will have satisfactorily completed an initial NALA assessment of their competence in written English. Successful completion of our training programme means you can join our NALA Plain English Panel. Currently our editors are self-employed.

Applicants will be selected based on NALA's discretion and will be strongly influenced by the small number of training places available. NALA does not guarantee regular editing jobs to those who successfully complete training. This course is free to those who successfully complete it and become NALA editors.

If you are interested in applying for this programme, call or email Claire O'Riordan, (01) 412 7900 or