International research

Plain English and the law

This booklet highlights the importance and benefits of clear communication from a legal perspective. Our aim is to show you how plain English can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary legal costs.

This booklet has three parts.

PIAAC 2012 survey results for Ireland


This report presents the results for Ireland of the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills, also known as the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult competencies or PIAAC. The survey was carried out in Ireland between August 2011 and March 2012 by the Central Statistics Office on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.

AB Sea - Basic Skills for the Fishing Industry

The research that we have conducted has concentrated on identifying the specific educational needs of the fishing community and to use this knowledge to develop a programme which will benefit the target group and initiate positive change in their lives. Ab-Sea is a themed literacy programme developed specifically for people who are employed in the fishing industry and whom have literacy and numeracy difficulties that such a programme could address.

International Adult Literacy Survey: Results for Ireland

In 1997 the OECD carried out an international survey which examined how well adults could handle different types of reading andnumeracytasks which crop up regularly in work and in daily life – such as reading timetables, the labels on medicine bottles, or calculating and estimating quantities. This International Adult Literacy Survey concluded that one in four – that is, about half a million -Irish adults have problems with even the simplest literacy tasks, such as reading instructions on a bottle of aspirin.

Developing Curriculum in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education - a report from the NRDC on a research project in Ireland 2006-2007

This guide has been written primarily for tutors, organisers, resource workers and policy makers with responsibility for some part of adult literacy and numeracy education in Ireland. You may have years of experience or just be starting out. The people we have in mind most of all are tutors and, as you will see, tutors’ experiences feature fairly widely throughout this report.