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Literacy Matters Winter 2018 - Issue 22

Welcome to our latest edition of Literacy Matters.

We were delighted to have journalist Charlie Bird and author Sinead Moriarty launch the third phase of the ‘Take the first step’ campaign in September.

This year we produced five new videos promoting local learners and ETBs in Tipperary, Carlow, Waterford, Cavan and Dublin. You can read more about the campaign on page four.

Literacy Matters Summer 2018 - Issue 21

Welcome to our latest edition of Literacy Matters.

One of the best things about working in NALA is that we get to meet so many interesting students and hear their stories about returning to education.

On page four, Michael Duffy, a student from Cavan, talks about how getting a laptop as a present changed his life forever.

NALA Protected Disclosures Policy

NALA is committed to the highest possible standards of compliance with our legal obligations. NALA values transparency and accountability in its administrative and management practices. This policy therefore supports a culture that:

Plain English and the law

This booklet highlights the importance and benefits of clear communication from a legal perspective. Our aim is to show you how plain English can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary legal costs.

This booklet has three parts.