NALA research

Literacy, numeracy and problem solving in technology rich environments: a snapshot of low proficiency in the Irish labour market

This report describes the results of the PIAAC survey from the Republic of Ireland in relation to specific aspects of the labour market. The report specifically focusses on low literacy, numeracy and PSTRE within this context and in terms of skills-based occupation classifications and employment based occupational status. This focus on the supply side of the labour market was adopted in order to align the information collected by the PIAAC survey with the ongoing reporting of national skills by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs in Ireland.

The Wealth Model in Adult Literacy: transformative learning in action

This report provides a review of the data from interviews with 13 tutors from 10 Education and Training Boards (ETBs) based on implementing a wealth model approach to adult literacy and numeracy tuition as set out the Guidelines for Good Adult Literacy Work (NALA, 2012). The review describes what the tutors are saying about their understanding, values, and practices in relation to adopting a wealth model approach to delivering adult literacy and numeracy tuition and to enabling participation for different groups of adult literacy learners.

What's in it for me? The benefits of engaging in adult literacy learning in Ireland

This report presents the findings from a mixed-method research study on the perceived benefits to adults of engaging in lifelong learning – in particular, adult literacy and numeracy tuition.

A review of adult numeracy policy and practice in Ireland

This report examines existing research and policy initiatives relating to adult numeracy at national and international level. The findings can contribute to the current debate on the importance of numeracy skills to the social, personal and economic wellbeing of Irish adults.

Plain English and the law

This booklet highlights the importance and benefits of clear communication from a legal perspective. Our aim is to show you how plain English can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary legal costs.

This booklet has three parts.

Meeting the challenge: Strategies for motivating learners in adult education in Ireland

This is the latest in a series of research reports that describe a range of adult literacy and numeracy programmes across Ireland. It presents current teaching and learning practice in adult literacy and numeracy provision in the context of the changing profiles of learners. The research captures motivational teaching practices and presents them in a way other tutors may find useful when seeking to build the motivation levels of learners.

Making it go further: a financial numeracy action learning project

This report is part of a series of case studies and action-learning projects that describe a range of literacy and numeracy practices and programmes across Ireland. The resources outlined in this report are available to download for free here.

Read all about it again: action learning project with adult literacy tutors

This report documents the outcomes of an action learning project with adult literacy tutors. The project provided an opportunity for tutors to develop new knowledge and skills to improve how they use reading strategies in their teaching and learning practice and produces teaching and learning ideas and resources for adult literacy practitioners.

A Framework for Meeting the Professional Development Needs of Tutors of Adult Numeracy in the Irish Further Education and Training Sector

This NALA publication outlines a National Framework for meeting the professional developments needs of numeracy tutors working in the Further Education and Training sector in Ireland. Numeracy is acknowledged in the available research as a key skill that impacts on an individual’s life chances and is also critical in terms of labour market engagement and potential future earnings. Teaching adult numeracy is a complex, multidisciplinary process which requires that tutors develop the specialised knowledge, skills and competence to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners.

PIAAC 2012 survey results for Ireland


This report presents the results for Ireland of the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills, also known as the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult competencies or PIAAC. The survey was carried out in Ireland between August 2011 and March 2012 by the Central Statistics Office on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.