The Criminal's Wife

Detective Tom Doyle is one of the best detectives in the city. So when a big-time Dublin drug boss is shot down in the street, Doyle is on the case. It all seems open and shut until he meets the dead man’s beautiful wife, Rose.

As Doyle dives deeper into the lives of Ireland’s top criminals and their families in search of the truth, what he uncovers will be more shocking than he ever could have imagined.

About the Author

Born and bred in Dublin, Ireland, Colette came to writing late in life after a chequered career that included computer programming and marketing insurance products. Colette lives in north county Dublin with her husband and two sons. When she is not writing she paints, walks, cycles, watches rugby, reads or chats on Facebook and Twitter with other authors, readers and friends.

Colette Caddle
€ 7.00
Date of Publication
5 Mar 2015