Write on for work: Exploring a web based approach to integrating literacy as part of career preparation

Writeon – personal pathways to work was a National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) -led partnership with Southside Partnership (SSP) and Local Employment Services (LES) that successfully delivered a labour market activation programme. Participants were aged 18-25 and selected from those who might benefit from additional support with basic skills and preparation for employment.

This report outlines the context and experiences of the project and highlights some issues for future programmes. Some of these are structural factors and relate to the policies and practices determined at national level. Others are particular to the culture of organisations and partnerships involved in delivering basic skills activation measures.

The conclusions and recommendations emphasise a literacy perspective and indicate how embedding www.writeon.iein activation programmes might help meet some of the challenges that learners and providers encounter.

The National Adult Literacy Agency
Date of Publication
Tuesday, 2 December, 2014