Integrating Literacy into Further Education and Vocational Training

  • Introduction to integrating literacy

    Introduction to integrating literacy

    Integrating literacy support into courses makes teaching more effective as it helps develop the student's specific literacy requirements.

  • Approaches to integrating literacy

    Approaches to integrating literacy

    Teachers and trainers can plan and use methods that reduce unnecessary literacy barriers to learning the core content.

  • Guidelines for FET Centres

    Guidelines for FET Centres

    Integrating literacy is not just the business of a literacy specialist but is a whole-centre approach involving all learners, managers, teachers and staff.

  • Staff training on integrating literacy

    Staff training on integrating literacy

    Custom made seminars and workshops on integrating literacy in the education and training sector.

  • Accredited training in integrating literacy

    Accredited training in integrating literacy

    Maynooth University and Waterford Institute of Technology.

  • Integrating literacy materials

    Integrating literacy materials

    NALA has published integrating literacy resource packs, guidelines and materials to support tutors and learners.