Recommended resources

ELINET website

ELINET website

ELINET, The European Policy Network, has developed a new website called The website’s purpose is to spread the word of literacy, support the exchange of literacy policies and ideas and share the outcomes of the network.


Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL) is the only UK-wide organisation that focuses on the role of literacies in adult life.

Think 3D

Think 3D

Think 3D presents several different three-dimensional shapes for learners to build onto, paint different colours and generally to manipulate and become familiar with.

Tap Tap Blocks

Tap Tap App

Tap Tap Blocks shows a three-dimensional cube. Learners can rotate and manipulate the cube to get a feel for the shape, to count its faces, edges and corners.

Volume of Solids Lite

The App provides a quick and simple way for you to learn and calculate volume of solids. There are six computer animated videos on the volume of the cube, rectangular solid, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid. Each video is divided into several different parts that you can easily skipped to.

Protractor 1st

Protractor 1st App

Protractor 1st allows students to identify and change angles. They can type in a number of degrees and see the angle against the protractor scale.

This is NALA’s interactive web site to help people improve their reading, writing and numbers skills online. The content is pitched at FETAC Level 2 and Level 3. Users can study at the own pace and in their own time to improve their skills or get a national qualification.

Help My Kid Learn

A website packed full of fun activities to help children learn every day.

Literacy Tools

Literacytools is for adults who would like to improve their spelling, reading, writing, number and computer skills.

Tipperary ETB Adult Learning Scheme

This website has lots of useful Tutor resources and guidelines, including information on local services and a Tutor Forum.