External Resources for ESOL

ELINET website

ELINET website

ELINET, The European Policy Network, has developed a new website called www.eli-net.eu. The website’s purpose is to spread the word of literacy, support the exchange of literacy policies and ideas and share the outcomes of the network.


Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL) is the only UK-wide organisation that focuses on the role of literacies in adult life.

One Stop ESOL

About the site:This sitecontains a lot of tutor resources and advice.It has a comprehensive selection of resources for all skills and all levels. There is a range of beginner lesson plans and tips for teaching grammar as well as a comprehensive ESOL support section with a piece on how to integrate IT into ESOL classes. Students and practitioners need to register to use, but it’s free. Who is it for?

London online

This has plenty of excellent virtual activities on it. Shopping at the market is a good one for low levels. Students can operate a lift and put the right change in a shopkeeper’s hand. The themes, such as friends, food and drink and neighbourhood are very topical and there are virtual activities on every theme covered. There are teacher’s notes accompanying each unit. Who is it for? ESOL practitioners and students

Island Voices

Islands Voices holds over 150 online ESOL listening recordings (including authentic speech interviews) and 75 video clips all CEFR-referenced (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), with transcripts and listed by theme and language content in 4 online PDF catalogues. The documentary clips give a plain language introduction to a topic or event and are complemented with more challenging authentic speech interviews.

British Council

About the site: This is a huge resource which is full of worksheets, lesson plans, resources and tips for all aspects of ESOL. There is an automatic gap-fill exercise generator which is easy to create and print off. There are a large range of articles on listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, games and teaching resources. On the ‘Learn English’ section of the site there’s a lot of video content with ‘real world English’ and plenty of listening activities and exercises.

BBC World Service Learning English

This is an excellent self-study site with audio, video, lesson plans and worksheets. It’s particularly good for pronunciation, idiomatic English and day-to-day English for the workplace. It has up-to-date news and sports stories with reports from around the world on a broad range of subjects. Tasks reinforce good learning strategies for listening with good pre-task exercises. Who is it for? ESOL students and practitioners.