External Resources for Reading

ELINET website

ELINET website

ELINET, The European Policy Network, has developed a new website called www.eli-net.eu. The website’s purpose is to spread the word of literacy, support the exchange of literacy policies and ideas and share the outcomes of the network.


Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL) is the only UK-wide organisation that focuses on the role of literacies in adult life.


This is NALA’s interactive web site to help people improve their reading, writing and numbers skills online. The content is pitched at FETAC Level 2 and Level 3. Users can study at the own pace and in their own time to improve their skills or get a national qualification.

Literacy Tools

Literacytools is for adults who would like to improve their spelling, reading, writing, number and computer skills.

BBC Skillwise

This section of the BBC Skillwise website will explain the sounds of English, recognising letters and words, skimming and scanning, reading and understanding.

We all can read

Students watch a video introducing each lesson, then listen to the audio file in each lesson that corresponds to the text. All of the instructions, all of the information, all of the drills necessary for a student to master the reading and spelling process are presented in a tightly-structured format. Students proceed one-lesson-at-a-time through all 644 online lessons and complete the over 400 worksheets embedded within our online curriculum.

English for Everyone

The materials found on this website are all the handmade product of members of the Read Theory team. The team consists of a handful of professional writers and educators, many of whom have received advanced degrees, are published authors and award winning teachers.

Skills Workshop

The Skills Workshop provides free adult literacy and numeracy resources.

Working with letters - App

Working with Letters Free is an android app that teaches the basics of literacy. Buy the full version to unlock all of the exercises.