Types of learning materials


Texts and materials can be drawn from a variety of sources. These include:

  • formal letters - school, doctors, FÁS, social welfare, tax office, employers;
  • official documents - tax forms, home and car insurance, mortgage and rent documents;
  • work-related texts - contracts, work rotas, wage slips, operating instructions for equipment, health and safety regulations;
  • texts related to being a citizen - voting registration forms, election and referendum literature, citizens information publications;
  • texts related to community – newspapers, minutes of community group meetings, other community documents; (the ‘community’ may be based on place, interest, ethnic group, and so on);
  • poetry, novels and short stories, songs, drama;
  • language experience - texts produced by the learners themselves;
  • graphs, diagrams, charts;
  • texts related to reading the environment – signs, posters, street names.