Teaching maths

  • Introduction to teaching maths

    Introduction to teaching maths

    For someone to return to education in maths is often a huge step and can be motivated by a number of factors.

  • Approaches to teaching maths

    Approaches to teaching maths

    Research has found that learning which is not passive but active is most effective for teaching maths.

  • Analysing mistakes

    Analysing mistakes

    The best way to find out where a student has gone wrong is to ask them how they did the task.

  • Key topics

    Key topics

    This section will give you ideas for teaching various topics, regardless of the level your learners are working at.

  • Maths resources

    Maths resources

    Useful websites and apps to help with maths.

  • Maths videos

    Maths videos

    Useful videos to help with maths.