100 most common words - Dolch list


These words make up, on average, half of all reading

First 100 most used words                                  

a                      and                 he                                              

I                       in                     is                  

it                      of                     that                 

the                  to                     was                

all                    as                    at                   

be                    but                  are                 

for                   had                 have              

his                   him                 not                

on                   one                 said             

so                    they                we                  

with                 you                 about             

an                   back                been           

before             big                   by             

call                  came              can                

come              could              did                  

do                    down              first                 

from                get                   go           

has                 her                  here              

if                      into                 just                

like                  little                 look               

made              make              more        

me                   much              must            

my                   no                   new           

now                off                   old                  

only                or                     our              

other               out                  over              

right                see                  she                             

some              their                them        

then                there               this               

two                  up                   want              

well                 went               were                           

what               when              where            

which             will                  who