Teaching spelling

  • Introduction to teaching spelling

    Introduction to teaching spelling

    When working on spelling, the emphasis should always be on 'having a go' rather than the correct spelling of every word.

  • Approaches to teaching spelling

    Approaches to teaching spelling

    There are several approaches to learning spelling - encourage your student to try them all and find out which one works best for them.

  • Analysing spelling mistakes

    Analysing spelling mistakes

    Most spelling mistakes can be categorised into five common kinds of mistakes that can be worked on individually.

  • Dictionary work

    Dictionary work

    Learning to use a dictionary is a complex process requiring specific knowledge and regular practice so try to always include some time for dictionary work.

  • Spelling games

    Spelling games

    Have some fun with games but don't put any pressure on the student by timing or scoring.

  • Spelling videos

    Spelling videos

    Useful videos to help with spelling.