Spelling games


Have some fun with games but don’t put any pressure on the student by timing or scoring. There are many letter and word board games available. Here is an example of just some of the spelling games you could play:

  • Word searches and crosswords
  • 'I Spy' using the phonic sound of letters, for example “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the /fff/ sound.” The answer could be feet, but also phone or pharmacy.
  • Finding smaller words within words, such as the words ‘port’ and ‘ant’ in important. Also, jumbling up the letters in a word and finding as many smaller words as you can.
  • Scrabble. You can just use the scrabble letters without the board to find new words.
  • Boggle. Another word game which is a little bit easier then Scrabble and a lot of fun to play.


Check out some recommended websites here.


Download these spelling worksheets for free here.