Teaching writing

  • Introduction to teaching writing

    Introduction to teaching writing

    Writing is a complex process that often students find very daunting because it requires the co-ordination of many different skills.

  • Approaches to teaching writing

    Approaches to teaching writing

    Writing should always focus on the student’s needs and interests - at the beginning these are often functional, for example emails, notes or forms.

  • Analysing student writing

    Analysing student writing

    Prioritise the most important aspects of the writing to work on, rather than trying to 'fix' everything in one session.

  • Working on handwriting

    Working on handwriting

    Work on handwriting should always arise from the student's expressed needs and should not be imposed by tutors.

  • Stimulating ideas for writing

    Stimulating ideas for writing

    Students often need help in thinking about ideas for writing - here are a few you can use.

  • Writing worksheets and resources

    Writing worksheets and resources

    Click here for a quick link to writing worksheets and resources.