Resources for students and tutors

Adult literacy teaching started in Ireland in the 1970s and differs from teaching in the formal education system. Literacy and numeracy programmes are individually tailored to meet each student’s needs. Students play a central role in tuition: they have the right to explore their needs and interests, set their own goals and decide how they wish to learn.

Over the years, NALA has developed teaching and learning resources for adult literacy tutors and students. Our aim is to provide resources that are practical, innovative and thought provoking. Prior to developing a resource we do research with adult literacy tutors and students to discover their needs, ideas and themes for resources. We then tailor and develop our resources around their feedback. We also work with a range of adult literacy trainers and writers, agencies and organisations such as the VEC adult literacy service and FAS and adult literacy practitioners and students who write, review and edit resources on a vast range of subjects.

Student resources

  • Read Write Now – 5 Workbooks,
  • The Really Useful Guide to Words and Numbers -2 Workbooks,
  • Better handwriting for adults,
  • Written Off? stories and poems,
  • Write On learning support book,

Tutor resources

These resources are aimed at adult literacy practitioners to highlight ideas and approaches in adult literacy teaching and learning and to demonstrate best teaching and learning practice.

  • Guidelines for good adult literacy work - key reference document for people working in adult literacy
  • Putting Pen to Paper - writing exercises
  • Using the cash machine,
  • Making Cents – financial literacy
  • Numeracy materials packs at levels 3 and 4 for tutors and students
  • Move with Literacy (Sports pack),
  • Getting started in adult literacy and numeracy - tutor training resource pack)
  • Missling the Tobar - a set of adult basic readers written by members of the travelling community and an associated resource pack for tutors
  • Skills Words - a resource pack for integrating literacy into foundation level vocational training
  • Preparing learning materials - a guide for literacy and numeracy tutors
  • Steps to safety - safety in the workplace materials
  • Clocking in to clocking out - workplace basic education pack
  • The Big Picture 1 & 2 and Paving the Way - ESOL resources
  • Supporting family literacy,
  • At home with family learning,
  • The family health literacy handbook,
  • The Health Pack and Health exercises.

The aim of developing resources and materials is to pass on new ideas, tips and best teaching and learning practice to adult literacy practitioners, so that they will use what they’ve learned and that they will change the way that they work as a result of using the resources. Feedback on the resources is very positive and tutors ask for these resources continuously.