Adult Literacy Awareness week

Adult Literacy Awareness

Communications plays a key role in the work of the NALA in terms of raising awareness of the benefits of learning to adults with literacy difficulties and encouraging them to take up learning. Every autumn, NALA organises National Adult Literacy Awareness Week to tie in with the reopening of local VEC adult literacy services after the summer break. During the week, NALA runs a number of events to raise awareness of the literacy issue in Ireland and highlight the benefits there are to returning to education.

Students are vital in bringing to life the literacy issue and motivating others, in a similar position, to do something about their own literacy. NALA works continuously with a range of media, setting up interviews with literacy students, issuing press releases and answering questions related to adult literacy - indeed NALA receives its greatest volume of calls to its freephone whenever a student speaks on radio.

In the last number of years adult learners have appeared and spoken about their own experiences on RTE’s The Late Late Show, The Afternoon Show, The Seoige Show, The Tubridy Show, Nationwide, Ear to the Ground and TV3’s Ireland AM.