Evolving Quality Framework

Supporting learners’ involvement in improving quality in Adult Education.

One of NALA’s major initiatives was the developing, in collaboration with the Vocational Education Committees, of a quality assurance system for Adult Basic Education (ABE), this was called the Evolving Quality Framework. It is a system of self-evaluation based on a set of principles for good adult education provision (participative, voluntary, responsive to diversity, confidential and informal).

Students work in an evaluation which includes students, tutors, Adult Literacy Organisers and managers, supported by a NALA-trained facilitator. The team meets a number of times each year to consider various aspects of the service, using a very detailed framework and process for quality assessment.

NALA provided funding and training to support the introduction of the EQF and to promote the active involvement of students in improving the quality of their local literacy service. Student committees have been established in services as a direct result of the EQF process.