Board and Subcommittee

NALA's Board and Student Subcommittee

Like many other charities and organisations, NALA has a Board of Management. The Board ensures that NALA is effective and accountable.

Members of NALA elect the Board at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Spring.

NALA's "Student Subcommittee" of the Board, considers student issues. Fourteen adult literacy students from around the country are on the Subcommittee. They meet seven times a year.

NALA's Student and Membership Officer takes notes at meetings. Students do not need to write during the meetings. There is some reading involved to make sure the formal notes (minutes) from the previous meeting are correct. 

Sometimes the Student Subcommittee brings issues to the attention of NALA's Board. There is always a student from the NALA Board of the Subcommittee. Subcommittee members often contribute their stories and share their experiences to a wider audience.

In 2011 students from the Subcommittee took part in an EU project which resulted in a Learner Manifesto being published. See page 20 in the Learner and Tutor Expertise Serving Literacy document for mention of the Subcommittees contribution.


We are looking for new Student Subcommittee members - December 2018

If you might be interested in joining, please phone Margaret Murray, NALA's Student and Membership Officer on 01 412 7928 or email Margaret will tell you what it is about and how it works.


Who can go onto NALA's Student Subcommitte?

Students on the Student Subcommittee must be members of NALA (you can join for free) and:

  • Be a current adult literacy student - in a centre, on a programme such as Youthreach, doing literacy over the telphone or using the website, or as an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) student; or a
  • Or a former adult literacy student who has an interest in promoting adult literacy issues.

We are always looking for a good mix of students (men, women, different parts of the country) and different types of learners (from adult literacy centres, younger learners and distance learners). The Subcommittee suits students who are prepared to:

o  Talk about adult literacy student issues from their own experience.

o  Talk to students in your centre about how they are getting on.

See the "Terms of Reference for the Student Subcommitte" document below for more information and do get in touch with Margaret, telephone 01 412 7928 if you think you might be interested.